1 C/C++ programming language

C/C++ programming language - 2013/14



Marks for all the continuous assessment

Class test model answer and marking scheme

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Lab exercises

Lab exercise on C++ templates for weeks 9-11

Lab exercise for week 7/8 on C vs C++

Lab exercise sheet for week 6 on parsing

Lab 1 exercise sheet on doubly-linked lists in C.
Model solution

The demonstrator for this module is Asiri Rathnayake. You can ask him for help in the lab.

Lab times are Monday afternoon.

Here are some guidelines on creating good multiple-choice questions.

You need to register on the Peerwise server.

The last Peerwise homework deadline will be in week 9.

Lecture notes and code

Class test

There will be a class test in week in the lecture slot on 13 February. The test will be on C and counts for 10 % of the module mark.

C and C++ standards

Recommended books

Brian W Kernighan and Dennis M Ritchie. The C programming language. (2nd Edition) Prentice-Hall, 1988. Available on Kindle

Bjarne Stroustrup. The C++ Programming Language. (4th Edition) Addison Wesley, 2012. Available on Kindle