School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham

John A. Barnden

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

I am in the School of Computer Science.

Seeing/Contacting Me

Please consult my timetable.

PHONE: (+44) 121-414-3816
SKYPE: john.a.barnden 
          (forwards to home number or mobile when I'm not signed in)
FAX:   (+44) 121-414-4281


School of Computer Science
The University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT

I am in room 136.

Courier deliveries::: specify phone number (+44) 121-414-4773.

Opportunities for Projects: PhD, MSc and Undergraduate

I would welcome additional MSc and PhD students (from January 2010 in the MSc case). I can offer numerous types of project, mainly in various areas of Artificial Intelligence. I will not be available for undergraduate projects until the 2010/11 academic year.


My research is within Artificial Intelligence and has the following main aspects:
  1. understanding metaphorical utterances
  2. representing and reasoning about mental states of agents
The work mainly uses symbolic AI techniques.
See the separate ATT-Meta project page for a description.

Selected Publications

Metaphor-of-Mind Databank

I have been building a databank of examples of metaphors of mind in real text and speech. This databank is a product of the ATT-Meta project.

Research Fellow Position Available in Figurative Language Area

I am currently advertising a three-year post, with application deadline 16th June 2010. It is funded by a grant from the Leverhulme Trust.

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There is also an advertisement on the University's jobs site. Go to Current Vacancies and then put the bob number 43545 into the appropriate slot in the jobs search engine.

I have provided quite a lot of extra information about the job and university context.

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