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playing bridge as usual at his club, playing it with one hand ... and (* THINKING OF HER WITH THE OTHER *) ...
[[Text: source, p.76]]

Someone is going to (* TURN AROUND and SAY:*) `See - you are not such a smarty-pants after all, are you?'
[[Text: source]]
{Not sure whether the saying is metaphorical for a thought, or the quotation is a metaphorical depiction of something someone might actually say, or both. But the turning-around is definitely metaphorical: something like MENTAL ORIENTATION AS PHYSICAL ORIENTATION.}

... Flaubert enjoyed a maternal space that gave him ordinariness, predictability and routine. He needed (* SOMETHING SOLID BENEATH HIS FEET,*) this man who spent his best hours alone, ...
[[Text: source p.xvii]]

(* HE CLOCKED *) the sponsorship
[[Speech: source; <jab 5>]]

Like Madonna, she has recreated herself outside her principal artistic medium via a huge range of gorgeous still (* PHOTOGRAPHS, WHICH TELEGRAPH HER FORCE OF WILL.*)
[[Text: source]]

Now the whiskered fellows are back, hauled up on the K-Dock as if they never were away. "(* AS FAR AS THE SEA LIONS ARE CONCERNED,*)" says Fritz Arko, president of Pier 39, "this is home."
[[Text: source]]

"The Soviet Union does exist within Solidarity's thinking."
{METONYMY/(or METAPHOR?): country existing within a mind/thinking;
METONYMY/(or METAPHOR?): an organization thinking.}
[[Speech: source]]

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