This page contains publications on connectionism that do not address the relationship to analogy, case-based reasoning, metaphor or mental states.

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The papers emanate from research that was in part supported by grants from AFOSR, NSF and NASA.

Barnden, J.A. (1998):

   ``(Back) towards diagrammatic representation and reasoning
      in a connectionist framework.'' (Invited talk.)

    In Procs. International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks
    (ICANN-98), Skovde, Sweden, September 1998.

Barnden, J.A. & Srinivas, K. (1996):

   ``Quantification without variables in connectionism.''

   Minds and Machines, 6(2), pp.173-201.

Barnden, J.A. (1995):

   ``High-level reasoning, 
      computational challenges for connectionism, 
         and the Conposit solution.''

   Applied Intelligence, 5(2), pp.103-135.

Barnden, J.A. (1995):

   ``Artificial intelligence and neural networks.''

   In M.A. Arbib (Ed.), 
      The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, pp.98--102.
   Cambridge, Mass.: Bradford Books/MIT Press.

Barnden, J.A. (1995):

   ``Semantic networks.''

   In M.A. Arbib (Ed.), 
      The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, pp.854--857.
   Cambridge, Mass.: Bradford Books/MIT Press.

   (This paper is on the relationship between neural networks and semantic networks.)

Barnden, J.A. (1994):

   ``Complex symbol-processing in Conposit, 
        a transiently localist connectionist architecture.''

   In R. Sun & L. Bookman (Eds), 
      Computational Architectures for Integrating 
            Neural and Symbolic Processes, pp.21-68.   

Barnden, J.A. & Srinivas, K. (1993):

   ``Temporal winner-take-all networks: 
       a time-based mechanism for fast selection 
       in neural networks.''

   IEEE Trans. Neural Networks, 4(5), pp.844-853.

Barnden, J.A. (1992):

   ``Connectionism, structure-sensitivity, and systematicity: 
        refining the task requirements.''

   Memoranda in Computer and Cognitive Science,  No. MCCS-92-227, 
   Computing Research Laboratory, New Mexico State University, 
   Las Cruces, NM 88003.

Barnden, J.A. & Srinivas, K. (1991):

   ``Encoding techniques for complex information structures 
         in connectionist systems.''

   Connection Science, 3(3), pp.263-309.

Barnden, J.A. & Pollack, J.B. (Eds). (1991):

   Advances in Connectionist and Neural Computation Theory, 
           Vol. 1: High Level Connectionist Models.
   Norwood, N.J.: Ablex Publishing Corp.

Barnden, J.A. (1989):

   ``Neural-net implementation of complex symbol-processing 
        in a mental model approach to syllogistic reasoning.''

   In Procs. 11th Intl. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence,
      pp.568-573.  San Mateo, CA: Morgan Kaufmann.  

Barnden, J.A. (1985):

   ``Diagrammatic short-term information processsing 
          by neural mechanisms.''

   Cognition and Brain Theory, 7,(3&4), pp.285-328.

Barnden, J.A. (1984):

   ``On short-term information processing 
          in connectionist theories.''

   Cognition and Brain Theory, 7(1), pp. 25-59.