Dr Josef Baker

Josef Baker I formerly worked at the University of Birmingham as a Research Associate on two projects; the EuDML project to create a comprehensive, fully searchable Digital Mathematical Library. The second, for the development of MaxTract a tool developed within the Scientific Document Analysis Group for converting PDF files into more accessible formats.

I completed my Ph.D. entitled "A Linear Grammar Approach for the Analysis of Mathematical Documents" here in 2012 under the supervision of Dr Volker Sorge, after completing an MEng, also within the school.

My research is based around mathematical knowledge management and digital libraries, primarily about the segmentation, extraction, parsing and markup of mathematical formulae found within scientific documents. Marking up formulae in documents gives users far greater access, allowing improved search and indexing, compatibility with screen readers and the ability to export formulae directly to other software.

I am part of the Scientific Document Analysis Group within the department

More details can be seen on my research page