Jeremy Wyatt

Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory
Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics
School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT
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You can watch videos of my work on my YouTube Channel. Also follow the PacMan channel. See a public lecture I recently gave on the work we do in Birmingham and some elsewhere. It's called Robot Life: A User's Manual.

See our latest journal submission from PacMan on dexterous grasping, here as a technical report .

See further results from the PacMan FP7 project PacMan on robot manipulation of objects. Boris the robot, in particular has been in the news .

Have a look at our video on learning dextrous grasps that are transferable to novel objects (ICRA 2014). The paper is also available.

You can also see a video of our work on planning active information gathering during grasping (IROS 2013).

I appeared on Business Daily on the BBC World Service, talking about robotics.

See this paper on visual gaze control for manipulation with Jose Nunez-Varela in ACM Transactions on Applied Perception.

I'm involved in the STRANDS project on spatio-temporal representations in long term robotics, led by Nick Hawes.

Have a look at our 2011 video (IJCAI 11 video finalist) on probabilistic planning in robot object search here. This was joint work with other labs in the CogX project in which we showed how a robot can make search much faster and more reliable by incorporating commonsense knowledge about the world, and reasoning explicitly about its uncertainty about the state of the world, and how that can change.

Research Interests

I'm interested in a number of problems, all of which are motivated by the same scientific goal: studying general architectures and methods for learning and reasoning in autonomous agents, especially those with bodies. My interests are broad. I have worked on the exploration-exploitation problem in reinforcement learning, the problem of managing diversity in committees of learning machines, cognitive architectures for intelligent robotics, learning of predictions in robot manipulation, planning and learning of information gathering strategies in robots (e.g. in AUVs, in processing of images, in gaze control, or in object search), and on the use of physics knowledge in prediction and estimation in vision. There are relevant publications on these topics and many others below. My current interests are all based around the need for robots to understand their surroundings, and to be able to extend that understanding by themselves, and with others.

I am a member of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory. The lab has about twenty five researchers. I'm also the Project Coordinator for the FP7 funded project PacMan. My funders include, or have included: the European Commission, EPSRC, NERC, the Royal Society, the Leverhulme Trust, The British Council, the Department of Trade and Industry, and AWM. Thanks to all of them for the generous support they provide.




















Birmingham PhD theses in Machine Learning

Here are some great PhD theses to come out of Birmingham in Machine Learning. This includes two winners of the BCS/CPHC Distinguished Dissertation Competition. This is the highest honour that can be given to a doctoral thesis in computer science in the UK. Enjoy:

PhD Opportunities in the Robot Learning lab

Right now I'm primarily interested in recruiting PhD students with excellent mathematical and coding skills to work on aspects of the CoSy project. This is a four year, multi-site European project to study the scientific problems in building Cognitive Robots. I will consider students for other topics. Please note the following before mailing me: In general I am happy to supervise PhD students in any area of robot learning, reinforcement learning, Bayesian or other probabilistic approaches to learning, behaviour based robotics, learning in computer vision, evolutionary robotics, multi-robot learning, reinforcement learning, or sequential decision making. I'll also consider supervising more general work in intelligent mobile robotics. If you have an idea then please e-mail me.

If you're interested in applying to do a PhD in this school you should also look at the School's web page and follow the link labelled: How to apply to be a Research Student here. This includes pointers to an online application form and information about funding opportunities, fees, etc. A general page for all admissions information about the School is available.

Current Collaborators


Undergraduate and MSc projects on offer

I'm now full for 2008-09.

Travelling Plans

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