Getting started with javaNNS in Birmingham

The Java Neural Network Simulator (javaNNS) is a simulator for neural networks developed at the Wilhelm-Schickard-Institute for Computer Science (WSI) in Tübingen, Germany. For more information, see the main SNNS web-site.

This page contains the necessary information to get javaNNS up and running on The University of Birmingham's School of Computer Science Linux PCs. All commands should be entered into the standard Linux terminal window.

The simulator is probably best run with JDK-1.4.2 which you can configure using:

Then to configure javaNNS itself you should use the command:

The javaNNS setup script copies a config file to your home directory ( to set browser preferences and the location of the HTML documentation.

To save having to run these commands every time, you can add them to the other setup commands in your ~/.login file so they are run automatically.

Before you start running the simulator, you would be wise to create a new sub-directory in your home directory to keep all your files associated with it:

and then move into that directory using:

Now you ready to start up javaNNS using the command:

The interface provided is very intuitive, but to use javaNNS effectively you are advised to take a look at my Quick Guide to javaNNS and make good use of the on-line help function.

For your convenience, I have placed all the examples files here, so you can easily copy the ones you need into your own file space to play with.

If you want to install javaNNS on your own computer, you can easily download versions for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh systems from the javaNNS download site.

This page is maintained by John Bullinaria. Last updated on 1 October 2003.