Jay Young

I am a PhD student supervised by Dr. Nick Hawes. My Thesis Group is composed of Professor Jon Rowe and Professor Jeremy Wyatt. My interests are pretty varied, but typically cover things like:

  • Integrated AI systems.
  • Evolutionary/Natural computation and computational biology.
  • Multi-agent/swarm systems, and self-organizing systems.
  • Behaviour modeling and exploitation.
  • Motivation frameworks and goal generation.
  • Video game AI.

For my PhD work, I am interested in how AI systems might build models of the behaviours of things they encounter. Specifically, I am interested in using Qualitative Spatial Calculi to build models in terms of an underlying, generic language of spatial relations between entities. That means I am interested in qualitative representations of space, time and motion, and the things we need to consider when putting these things together.


I can typically be found in my office in the Computer Science building. I'm in room 144 (on the middle floor, just above reception).

Jay Young
School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT
E-mail: j.young@cs.bham.ac.uk