MOVEP'02 Summer School
Modelling and Verifying Parallel Processes


PhD student session

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PhD student session

There will be two parallel sessions. The talks will be 20 min (15 min + 5 min questions).


  • Monday 17th June -- 16:30 - 17:30
    • B8 "Scheduling"
      • Stéphane Pailler
      • Gaelle Largeteau,
      • Nicolas Riviere
    • B9 "Logic"
      • Nicolas Markey
      • Cecilia Nugraheni
      • Jiri Barnat
  • Tuesday 18th -- 15:30 - 17:30
    • B8 "Infinite state systems and Model Checking
      • Jan Obdrzalek
      • Tayssir Touili
      • Jan Strejcek
      • Ruediger Ebent
      • Petra Malik
    • B9 "Test, partial orders, and RDP"
      • Elena Zinovieva
      • Valery Tschaen
      • Pierre-Olivier Ribet
      • Cristian Vidrascu
      • Yann Thierry-Mieg
  • Wednesday 19th -- 15:30 - 17:30
    • B8 "Crypto and Join Calculus"
      • Frédéric Oehl
      • Steve Kremer
      • Alexandre Boisseau
      • Véronique Cortier
      • Christelle Bergerot
    • B9 "Real time and hybrid systems"
      • Michaël Adélaïde
      • Sébastien Jodogne
      • Bohumir Zoubek
      • Stefano Cattani
      • Ahmet Serkan Karatas
  • Thursday 20th -- 17:00 - 18:30
    • B8 "Specification"
      • Fabrice Barbier
      • Célina Charlet
      • Mirabelle eNebut
      • Claire Pagetti
    • Theatre S "Distributed systems"
      • D. Benazouz
      • Marie Duflot
      • Goran Frehse
      • Laurence Pilard

Call for papers (deadline passed)

One of the aims of MOVEP is to be a meeting place where PhD students can discuss with other students and senior researchers. As in the first four occurrences of MOVEP in 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2000, special sessions will be devoted to students' talks. We kindly invite PhD students to register for MOVEP as well as to give a talk in one of these sessions.

The 20 minute talk should introduce

  • the research area and main theme
  • the diretions of the work
  • some results (obtained or expected).

PhD students should send an extended abstract (4 to 6 pages) in English before 20th May 2002, to mention your affiliation, research team, supervisors and a title, to be included in the programme. The extended abstract will be published in the MOVEP'02 procedings.

There are bursaries available to support PhD students participating in the PhD student session.

Please use the template and style file provided for your abstract.