I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science.

My research interests are focussed on Natural Language Processing. I'm interested in Sentiment Analysis of text, the automatic identification and understanding of metaphor and the effects of pragmatic inference in dialogue processing.

I'm currently supervising six doctoral students:
Khalid Almeman Speech Recognition of Arabic
Fahd Alotaibi Arabic Question Answering
Mr. Phillip Smith Sentiment Analysis
Mr. Imran Sarwar Bajwa Mapping Natural Language to OCL
Ms. Nur Hana Samsudin Multi-lingual Speech Synthesis
Mr. Aleem Hossain (dstl) Detecting evasive language in text.

This year I'm teaching logic to first year undergraduates and NLP to final-year and MSc. students. As usual, I'm supervising a wide range of student projects.

I'm the Head of Student Development and Support for the School of Computer Science.