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Martín Escardó

Reader in Theoretical Computer Science
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT, UK

My current research interests include topological methods in the theory of computation, in particular topology in higher-type computability theory, topology for functional programming, domains and continuous lattices in analysis and topology, effective and constructive real analysis, exact real-number computation, locale theory, programming language semantics, domain theory, lambda-calculus, type theory, functional programming.

The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible. Mark Twain.
What is computer science? And what are your ideas and opinions about computing at school?

I joined Birmingham University in September 2000. My first degree was from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul, where I also obtained an MSc degree by research. During my undergraduate and MSc studies, I worked in industry. I then went to Imperial College of the University of London in October 1993 for my PhD under the supervision of Mike B. Smyth. After completing this in April 1997, I was a postdoc for one year at Imperial, a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh for two years, and then at the University of St Andrews for one year, after which I came here and have happily been part of a vibrant theory research group.
email: office: 212 phone: +44 121 414 2797 fax: +44 121 414 4281

directions: Look for building Y9 in the yellow zone of the Edgbaston campus map. This is about 1 minute walking time from the train station. Turn left when you exit the station, and walk for about 30 meters. Our building is the right-hand one of two red-brick twin buildings facing each other.

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