Leandro L. Minku

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I am one of the lecturers of the module Introduction to Natural Computation.
My office hours are on Fridays, 1-2pm.

I am also interested in supervising MSc and BSc projects involving Online Learning, Ensembles of Learning Machines and Evolutionary Algorithms. Feel free to send me an email if you would like to do a project in one of these areas. A description of student project topics can be found here.

Former MSc students:
  • Richard Randall (completed in 2012). Project: Population-based Algorithm Portfolios with Adaptive Resource Allocation.
  • Lingbo Li (completed in 2012). Project: Software Testing Using Particle Swarm Optimisation.
  • Wei Zeng (completed in 2011). Project: Tracking Recurring Concept Drift with Classifier Pruning Strategy.
  • Saud Alrshoud (completed in 2011). Project: Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for Large Scale Optimisation.

Former BSc final year students:
  • Ian Watson (completed in 2013). Project: Project Scheduling Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms.
  • Jason Bodley (completed in 2013). Project: Evolutionary Music: An intelligent rhythm accompaniment tool.
  • Yukun Wang (completed in 2012). Project: Pattern Design for Interactive Evolutionary System.
  • Haibing Li (completed in 2011). Project: An Interactive Evolutionary Computation System for Pattern Design.
  • Min Ma (completed in 2011). Project: Software Project Management with GAs.

In the past, I have been involved with teaching activities related to:
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Java Programming
  • C/C++ and Kernel Programming