How to print handouts

Handouts and exercises can be previewed (assumed I've made them readable after they've been handed out), either as gzipped PostScript or as PDF files. In order to preview PostScript files using a browser, add under preferences (category navigator, sub-category applications) the new application
Description: ghostview
MIME type: application/postscript
suffixes: ps
Handled By
x Application: ghostview %s
Then press okay (in each of the two windows).

Alternatively you can locally preview the files directly from the Unix shell, e.g. by:
zcat /bham/ftp/pub/authors/M.Kerber/Teaching/MathLogic/ | ghostview -
zcat /bham/ftp/pub/authors/M.Kerber/Teaching/MathLogic/ | ghostview -seascape -
acroread /bham/ftp/pub/authors/M.Kerber/Teaching/MathLogic/e2.pdf
acroread /bham/ftp/pub/authors/M.Kerber/Teaching/MathLogic/h2.pdf

For previewing PDF files you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. It is particularly useful if you use a Windows machine.

For printing you can either use the interface offered by ghostview or Acrobat, respectively, or you can use Unix commands to print more than one slide on one page
zcat /bham/ftp/pub/authors/M.Kerber/Teaching/MathLogic/ | lpr -
zcat /bham/ftp/pub/authors/M.Kerber/Teaching/MathLogic/ | psnup -2 | lpr -
For more information on psnup, see "man psnup".

Maintained by: Manfred Kerber, School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham
Last update: 11 January 2004