06 18519 Communication Skills and Professional Issues


Manfred Kerber and Jim Yandle

School of Computer Science


The lectures take place

Tuesdays 17:00-19:00in LT1, Sport and Exercise Science
Friday 14:00-15:00in G28, Mechanical Engineering

Recommended Books

There is a lot of literature available, quite a number of books is mentioned on the internal module page at 18519.html. Some recent books are:

Title Author(s) Publisher Comments
Pandora's Box Andrew A. Adams and Rachel J. McCrindle John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, 2008 Further Reading
A Gift of Fire -- Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing and the Internet Sara Baase Addison-Wesley, Boston, pearson international edition, 3rd edition 2009 Further Reading
Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Computing Penny Duquenoy, Simon Jones, and Barry G Blundell Thompson, London, 2008 Further Reading
Developing Work and Study Skills Linda Lee-Davies Thompson, London, 2007 Further Reading
Ethics for the information age Michael J. Quinn Addison-Wesley, Boston, pearson international edition, 3rd edition, 2009 Further Reading
Ethics in Information Technology George Reynolds Thompson, London, 2007 Further Reading


Lecture Topic Handout
3Writing a CV2.php
4-5Writing a report, giving a presentation3.php (slides available as s3.pdf)
6Professionalism4.php (slides available as s4.pdf)
7-8Legal Issues5.php (slides available as s5.pdf)
9Keeping Data Secure6.php
12The Real World and Intellectual Property Rights8.php
13-14The Dark Side of Computer Science9.php
15Summary of Part I
16-27Student Presentationslocal/team-presentations.php

A schedule for the team presentations can be found locally as local/team-presentations.php.


The module will be assessed to 100% continuously:

Detailed marking criteria can be found as marking.php.

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