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My Research Group

I lead the Networked Systems and Data Science Lab at Birmingham. The  lab is part of the inter-departmental Birmingham Human-Computer Interaction Centre.

The scope of our research work is broad and highly interdisciplinary. Current areas of interest include:

    - Large-scale data mining ("big data" mining) and data science;
- Networked systems and network science;
    - Computational social science;
    - Geographic data analysis;
    - Social and ubiquitous computing.

PhD Students

- Antonio Lima
working in the area of spatial networks and processes
- Abhinav Mehrotra working in the area of context-aware computing
- Christoph Stich working in the area of urban computing
- Theofania (Fani) Tsapeli working in the area of real-time data mining of mobile sensing information and social media

Postdoctoral Fellows

- Luca Canzian (EPSRC-funded "Trajectory of Depression" Project)
Luca Rossi (EPSRC-funded "The Uncertainty of Identity" Project)
- Matthew Williams (EU-funded "LASAGNE" Project)


- Cristina Segalin (Visiting PhD Student from the University of Verona)

Previous Members

Previous Postdoctoral Research Fellows

- Manlio De Domenico (Postdoctoral Research Fellow involved in the EPSRC-funded "The Uncertainty of Identity" Project, now Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain)
- Veljko Pejovic (Postdoctoral Research Fellow involved in the EPSRC-funded "UBhave" Project, now Assistant Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Previous Visitors and Internees

- Victor Darvariu (Undergraduate Summer Internee, now finishing his degree in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham)
- James Klee (Undergraduate Summer Internee, now finishing his degree in Computer Science  at the University of Birmingham)
- Paul Mougel (Visiting Student from INSA Lyon, France, now finishing his Undergraduate degree back in France)
- Thiago Silva (Visiting PhD Student from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG, Brazil)

Research Funding

EPSRC Research Grant: Trajectories of Depression: Investigating the Correlation between Human Mobility Patterns and Mental Health Problems by means of Smartphones (2014-2015)

EPSRC/EU CHIST-ERA ERA-NET Research Grant: MACACO - Mobile context-Adaptive CAching for COntent-centric networking

EU Research Grant: LASAGNE - multi-LAyer SpAtiotemporal Generalized NEtworks (2012-2015)

EPSRC Research Grant: UBhave: Ubiquitous and Social Computing for Positive Behaviour Change (2011-2014)

EPSRC Research Grant: The Uncertainty of Identity: Linking Spatiotemporal Information between Virtual and Real Worlds (2011-2015)

Research Projects

I am/I have been involved in the following projects:

Funded Projects

- EU-funded LASAGNE Project
- EPSRC-funded UBhave Project
- EPSRC-funded The Uncertainty of Identity Project
- EPSRC-funded Trajectories of Depression project
- EPSRC-funded Ubival Project (as Postdoc)
- MetroSense Project (as Postdoc)
- EPSRC-funded CREAM Project (as Research Fellow)

Other Projects

- The Anatomy of a Scientific Rumor (How the rumours about the Higgs boson discovery spread on Twitter)
- Human Mobility Prediction and Nokia Mobile Data Challenge
- EmotionSense
- Spatio-temporal Network Analysis Project
- The Context-aware Adaptive Routing (CAR) protocol
- SCAR: Context-aware Adaptive Routing for Sensors
- Social Networks founded Mobility Models for Ad Hoc Network Research
- Connectivity Trace Generator (CTG)
- A Million People Project
XMIDDLE Project: A Middleware for Data Sharing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
- WSAMI Project: A Middleware Infrastructure for Ambient Intelligence based on Web Service

Research Outputs

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