Dr Nick Hawes

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[baxteretal2012] Jeremy W. Baxter, Jack Hargreaves, Nick Hawes and Rustam Stolkin. Controlling Anytime Scheduling of Observation Tasks. In Proceedings of AI-2012, The Thirty-Second SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. December 2012. [pdf] [bib]
Abstract. This paper describes how multiple independent observation tasks can be scheduled for an autonomous vehicle. Presented with large numbers of tasks, of differing reward levels, a vehicle has to evaluate the best schedule to execute given a limited time to both plan and act. A meta-management framework acting on top of an anytime scheduler analyses the problem and the progress made in generating solutions to identify when to stop planning and start executing. We compare a probabilistic management technique with active monitoring of the current execu- tion reward and conclude that in this case detecting a local maxima in the predicted reward is the most effective policy.
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