Dr Nick Hawes

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[gobelbeckeretal2012] Moritz Gobelbecker and Marc Hanheide and Charles Gretton and Nick Hawes and Andrzej Pronobis and Alper Aydemir and Kristoffer Sjoo and Hendrik Zender. Dora: A robot that plans and acts under uncertainty. In 35th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI'12). September 2012. [pdf] [bib]
Abstract. Dealing with uncertainty is one of the major challenges when constructing autonomous mobile robots. The CogX project addressed key aspects of that by developing and implementing mechanisms for self- understanding and self-extension – i.e. awareness of gaps in knowledge, and the ability to reason and act to fill those gaps. We discuss our robot called Dora, a showcase outcome of that project. Dora is able to perform a variety of search tasks in unexplored environments. One of the results of the project is the Dora robot, that can perform a variety of search tasks in unexplored environments by exploiting probabilistic knowledge representations while retaining efficiency by using a fast planning system.
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