Dr Nick Hawes

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[hawes00goalorientated] Nick Hawes. Real-Time Goal-Orientated Behaviour For Computer Game Agents. In Quasim H. Mehdi and Norman E. Gough (editors) 1st International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation (GAME-ON 2000), pages 71--75. November 2000. [ps.gz] [bib]

To increase the depth and appeal of computer games, the intelligence of the characters they contain needs to be increased. These characters should be played by intelligent agents that are aware of how goals can be achieved and reasoned about. Existing AI methods struggle in the computer game domain because of the real-time response required from the algorithms and restrictive processor availability. This paper discusses the CogAff architecture as the basis for an agent that can display goal orientated behaviour under real-time constraints. To aid performance in real-time domains (e.g. computer games) it is proposed that both the processes encapsulated by the architecture, and the information it must operate on should be structured in a way that encourages a fast yet flexible response from the agent. In addition, anytime algorithms are discussed as a method for planning in real-time.

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