Dr Nick Hawes

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[hawes01anytime] Nick Hawes. Anytime Planning For Agent Behaviour. In Proceedings of the 20th Workshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group (PlanSIG 2001), pages 157--166. December 2001. [ps.gz] [bib]

For an agent to act successfully in a complex and dynamic environment (such as a computer game) it must have a method of generating future behaviour that meets the demands of its environment. One such method is anytime planning. This paper discusses the problems and benefits associated with making a planning system work under the anytime paradigm, and introduces Anytime-UMCP (A-UMCP), an anytime version of the UMCP hierarchical task network (HTN) planner cite{erol95}. It also covers the necessary abilities an agent must have in order to execute plans produced by an anytime hierarchical task network planner.

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