Dr Nick Hawes

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[hawesetal07balt] Nick Hawes, Michael Zillich and Jeremy Wyatt. BALT & CAST: Middleware for Cognitive Robotics. Technical report CSR-07-1, University of Birmingham, School of Computer Science. April 2007. [pdf] [bib]
Abstract. In this paper we present a toolkit for implementing architectures for intelligent robotic systems. This toolkit is based on a previously developed architecture schema (a set of architecture design rules). The purpose of both the schema and toolkit is to facilitate research into information-processing architectures for state-of-the-art intelligent robots, whilst providing engineering solutions for the development of such systems. A robotic system implemented using the toolkit is presented to demonstrate its key features.
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Available from: ftp://ftp.cs.bham.ac.uk/pub/tech-reports/2007/CSR-07-1.pdf