Dr Nick Hawes

This list is no longer actively maintained, but I will leave it here for reference. For an up to date list, please see my new site at the University of Oxford.

[hawesetal07eai] Nick Hawes, Aaron Sloman and Jeremy Wyatt. Towards an Empirical Exploration of Design Space. In Gal A. Kaminka and Catherina R. Burghart (editors) Evaluating Architectures for Intelligence: Papers from the 2007 AAAI Workshop, pages 31 -- 35, AAAI Press. Technical Report WS-07-04. July 2007. [pdf] [bib]
Abstract. In this paper we propose an empirical method for the comparison of architectures designed to produce similar behaviour from an intelligent system. The approach is based on the exploration of design space using similar designs that all satisfy the same requirements in niche space. An example of a possible application of this method is given using a robotic system that has been implemented using a software toolkit that has been designed to support architectural experimentation.
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