Dr Nick Hawes

This list is no longer actively maintained, but I will leave it here for reference. For an up to date list, please see my new site at the University of Oxford.

[haweswyatt06] Nick Hawes and Jeremy Wyatt. Towards Context-Sensitive Visual Attention. In Markus Vincze and Lucas Paletta (editors) Proceedings of the Second International Cognitive Vision Workshop (ICVW 2006). May 2006. [pdf] [bib]
Abstract. In this paper we present a discussion of information processing context and how we believe a visual attention system should be influenced by contextual information. We support this argument with a proof-of-concept design and implementation of a context-sensitive extension to the Itti & Koch model of visual attention as part of an architecture for a cognitive system. Our model demonstrates improved performance in terms of both fixations and processing time on visual search tasks compared to the non-extended model.
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