Dr Nick Hawes

This list is no longer actively maintained, but I will leave it here for reference. For an up to date list, please see my new site at the University of Oxford.

[haweswyatt08b] Nick Hawes and Jeremy Wyatt. Developing Intelligent Robots with CAST. In Martin Hulse and Manfred Hild (editors) IROS Workshop on current software frameworks in cognitive robotics integrating different computational paradigms. Invited talk. September 2008. [pdf] [bib]
Abstract. In this paper we describe the CoSy Architecture Schema, and the software toolkit we have built to allow us to produce instantiations of this schema for intelligent robots. Although the schema does not specify a cognitive model per se, it constrains the space of models that can be built from it. Along with descriptions of the schema and toolkit we present the motivation behind our designs (a need to explore the design-space of information-processing architectures for intelligent systems), and a discussion of the kinds of design, implementation and information-processing models they support.
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