Dr Nick Hawes

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[inverso04think] Sam A. Inverso, Nick Hawes, John Kelleher, Rebecca Allen and Ken Haase. Think And Spell: Context-Sensitive Predictive Text for an Ambiguous Keyboard Brain-Computer Interface Speller. Biomedizinische Technik, 49(1), pages 53-54, Walter de Gruyter. September 2004. [pdf] [bib]

A T9 ambiguous keyboard algorithm combined with context-sensitive word selection can reduce the decisions required to �type� a word. This approach can benefit spelling brain-computer interfaces which typically have less than 100% accuracy and slow information transfer rates. We report on initial research in applying a modified context aware T9 predictive text algorithm to BCI spelling. To support our approach, we present results from a prototype context-sensitive predictive text system.

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