Dr Nick Hawes

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[skocajetal07] Danijel Skocaj, Gregor Berginc, Barry Ridge, Ales Stimec, Matjaz Jogan, Ondrej Vanek, Ales Leonardis, Manuela Hutter, Nick Hawes. A System for Continuous Learning of Visual Concepts. In The 5th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems (ICVS 2007). March 2007. [pdf] [bib]
Abstract. We present an artificial cognitive system for learning visual concepts. It comprises of vision, communication and manipulation sub- systems, which provide visual input, enable verbal and non-verbal communication with a tutor and allow interaction with a given scene. The main goal is to learn associations between automatically extracted visual features and words that describe the scene in an open-ended, continuous manner. In particular, we address the problem of cross-modal learning of visual properties and spatial relations. We introduce and analyse several learning modes requiring different levels of tutor supervision.
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