Dr Nick Hawes

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[slomanetal06cogrob] Aaron Sloman, Jeremy Wyatt, Nick Hawes, Jackie Chappell and Geert-Jan Kruijff. Long Term Requirements for Cognitive Robotics. In Michael Beetz, Kanna Rajan, Michael Thielscher, and Radu Bogdan Rusu (editors) Cognitive Robotics: Papers from the 2006 AAAI Workshop, pages 143--150, AAAI Press. Technical Report WS-06-03. July 2006. [pdf] [bib]
Abstract. This paper discusses some of the long term objectives of cognitive robotics and some of the requirements for meeting those objectives that are still a very long way off. These include requirements for visual perception, for architectures, for kinds of learning, and for innate competences needed to drive learning and development in a variety of different environments. The work arises mainly out of research on requirements for forms of representation and architectures within the PlayMate scenario, which is a scenario concerned with a robot that perceives, interacts with and talks about 3-D objects on a tabletop, one of the scenarios in the EC-funded CoSy Robotics project.
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