About My Research

My research is on Polyglot Speech Synthesis. Polyglot can be loosely defined as multilingual but they are not the same. If you are a polyglot speaker, you already learn to speak in one language (your mother's tongue) and then learn and perfecting the second language with time. If you are a multilingual speaker, you are exposed to speaking two or more different languages before you learn to speak and continue doing so and thus perfecting the languages in paralel.

Polyglot synthesis research is very usefull for resource poor languages. My running research title is: Linguistic Representation for Polyglot Speech Synthesis. In this research, I am proposing a framework that serves as an intermediate linguistic processing so that available linguistic information from a resource poor language can be applied to a resource rich language and the synthesised speech can be generated using the available resources.

My research is best to be categorised in Speech Synthesis and Speech Processing domain. It also belonged to the Natural Language Processing, Human Computer Interaction and Multilingual Speech Processing categories. I am also interested in Voice Banking, Speech Recognition and Speech Understanding research in general.

I am supervised by Dr Mark Lee and my research is also under continuous evaluation by my thesis group members, Dr William Edmondson (expert advisor) and Dr Peter Hancox (Research Committee Advisor).

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