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Nandy Millan

Nandy Millan


Postgraduate Skills Development Coordinator, Centre for Learning and Academic Development, CLAD, University of Birmingham.

Honorary Research Fellow Research in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.


As Postgraduate Skills Development Coordinator I:

·         Have overall responsibilities for the coordination and implementation of Postgraduate Skills Development programs

·         Work in a hybrid role between CLAD and the University Graduate School

·         Manage the strategic aspects of  the Training and Skills Development programme for Doctoral Researchers,  including  the areas of ICT skills, elearning, research skills and information skills

·         Develop new and existing working relationships with key stakeholders within Colleges and Corporate Services

Professional Background:

I graduated with a Fist Class Degree in Philology from the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. I have been employed by the University of Birmingham since 1995 when I undertook a temporary teaching post in the Department of Hispanic Studies while completing my postgraduate research in Spanish Poetry Written by Women after the death of General Franco. My thesis title was “Subversion and Eroticism in the Works of Anna Rossetti”.  

In 2000, I made a career move towards Computer Science. I completed the M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. My dissertation was a pioneering work in Computer Generated Poetry and Visual Poetry. I am currently a Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science.  My research interest is the design and development of online learning technologies and the pedagogy of online learning.

I took up my current role of Postgraduate Skills Development Coordinator within the Centre for Learning and Academic Development in 2006.  This role has enabled me to gain a different insight into how the University works as an institution. An area of my work that I particularly enjoy is to identify gaps and develop working relationships with Colleges across the University to improve the service that we provide for Doctoral Researchers.


Past Projects in Knowledge Transfer

Past Projects in Computer Science - Computer Generated Poetry

Past Projects in Literary Criticism:


Nandy Millan

Centre for Learning and Academic Development, CLAD
The University of Birmingham
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