Olle Fredriksson

Mail E-mail: o.fredriksson (domain: cs.bham.ac.uk)

Doctoral research student at the School of Computer Science at The University of Birmingham

Visiting address

I'm usually somewhere in Oslo. Come and say hi!

Postal address

School of Computer Science (Y9)
The University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT
United Kingdom


As of September 2011, I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr Dan Ghica. The work is supported by Microsoft Research through its PhD Scholarship Programme.

My doctoral research deals with the foundations of heterogeneous computations. Roughly speaking I am trying to find better ways to get different devices to collaboratively execute programs. Other interests include programming languages (especially of the statically typed, functional variety) and compiler construction.



I've received an MSc in Computer Science (2011) and a BSc in Computer Engineering (2010), both from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden. My MSc thesis was done together with Daniel Gustafsson and describes a new compiler backend for Agda. The compiler is now in the main Agda repository. Our supervisor was Ulf Norell.


I was previously a demonstrator for the following modules at the University of Birmingham:


Some other things that I have done that may be of interest:

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