Welcome to NLP Interactive, your interactive guide to Linguistics for Natural Language Processing.

The aims of this site are:
* to act as a supplement to the Natural Language Processing & Applications module and its web site
* to help you to learn the basic principles behind NLP
* to provide questions for you to answer
* to give immediate responses and feedback
* to help with revision.
A knowledge of the basics behind NLP is assumed. However, an introductory test/revision exercise is available for each section.
This site is divided into 5 sections which can be navigated using the menubar.
Each of the four main areas (Speech, Morphology, Syntax, Meaning) contains a multiple choice test covering basic knowledge.

There's also a test covering the introductory handout.
Based on the notes and exercises in the handouts for each topic, more complex questions are given for you to try, providing rapid responses and feedback to your answers.

The site was originally designed and created by Dean Parker (BSc in Information Technology and Business, Aston University, 2000), using material from lecture notes written by Dr Peter Coxhead, who has since revised the site and continues to maintain it.