Solent Sailing - the overview page!

waiting for Skipper's briefing

'you're kidding, right?'


competent crew keeps a weather eye

and can smile

'go away, I'm concentrating'

hair by Windy


'so, I put on my peril-sensitive glasses.....'

who owns these?

'do I preach now?'

sunny summer fun

is so exciting...

...I can't take the pace


large fenders

in the pub

and again

still there


still there

quite a lot of pub

and drink and


good company

good wine

good food

and a gurning competition

but I'm sober

show m'I

but seeing double

and blurred

vision fading fast

and gone!

'if you make your mouth move like this, you get a whistle sound'

'and here's my foghorn impression'

someone had moved the naked figurehead into the cabin

the Sunday was sunny and bright...

and Jeremy practised his golf swing

and Gavin sat in the transparent chair

and they found Tina still smiling

six knots

and concentrating

everyone else found it too windy for sails

but not us!


square rigger

more Cowes

around the world in <80 days

chimps tea party

Russell enjoys the rays

but the wind lifted up the four strands he'd combed over


and wind

Tina sorts out sheets

in fetching yellow gear

grey rain

and blue sky

and sea green

'have I got the wistful look of the ancient mariner yet?'

audition time

'I'm a model, you know what I mean'

'I see no ships'

and all too soon, it was over

people off the boat

kit dragged ashore

and loaded into cars

even fitting stuff into the Alfa

a tired but happy Tina