Solent Sailing - the overview page!

waiting for Skipper's briefing

'you're kidding, right?'


competent crew keeps a weather eye

and can smile

'go away, I'm concentrating'

hair by Windy


'so, I put on my peril-sensitive glasses.....'

who owns these?

'do I preach now?'

sunny summer fun

is so exciting...

...I can't take the pace


large fenders

in the pub

and again

still there


still there

quite a lot of pub

and drink and


good company

good wine

good food

and a gurning competition

but I'm sober

show m'I

but seeing double

and blurred

vision fading fast

and gone!

'if you make your mouth move like this, you get a whistle sound'

'and here's my foghorn impression'

someone had moved the naked figurehead into the cabin

the Sunday was sunny and bright...

and Jeremy practised his golf swing