Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A few TomTom thoughts.

TomTom offer a subscription service to allow you to know where all the safety cameras are. But PocketGPSWorld offer it for free, as a community project: contributions us are collated by them and made available to us - and we all benefit.

Alerts can be used to warn of approaching safety camera - but then you're reminded of the route every time you drive there, just so that you can hear the camera warnings. If you turn off the voice then all sound is turned off so you miss the warnings. But there is a solution - select a non-installed voice. The directions are then not spoken (or rather, spoken in a silent voice), but the alerts still go off.....

And as to it's usefulness and engageability - one of the key issues is that the cost of mistakes when navigating with a tomtom is minor - you'll still get to your destination easily - whereas if you are forced off a conventional route, you are suddently into unknown territory and the stress of finding your way becomes immense. In fact, often you'll search for a way back to your known route, rather than a way to your destination.....

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