Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New Mac's quite soon?
In my email the morning was one from Apple, encouraging me to download the latest development kit for the Mac, to make sure my code would be ready for the new Intel-based Macs. hey are not officially coming out before June 2006, but this activity makes me suspect that somethnig will happen earlier. Rumours make them sound good: the first of the new breed is supposed to be a 15" Powerbook (which has already, in current guise, had a nice screen upgrade and now sports higher resolutions than before) - this machine is supposed to be 25% thinner than previous ones.

Apple seem to keep getting it right. What do users want from a laptop? Aesthetically - thin, light. Practically: built in DVD/CD drive, connectivity. Ergonomically: decently weighted keyboard with acceptable key travel, and a big high resolution screen. And Apple keep on delivering..... The only thing they coud usefully add in to the package is a standard VGA output connector as well as the DVI out - it's a pain carrying round the adaptor. Roll on Feb or March for the releases (I hope!).....

Well, I heard a rumour that there is a Tablet Mac coming. Yes, there is even a patent filed ( http://www.macobserver.com/article/2005/05/10.18.shtml )

Tablet Macs would solve many usability issues related to Powerbooks. Especially in mobile scenarious, when you are on the move.

The pen provides even some ergomic advances, especially when you can swap between mouse and pen. Pen may even make you more creative by allowing you to draw, sketch and use divergent thinking ;-)
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