Friday, February 10, 2006

Far to busy to write anythnig recently - family illness, lots of stuff happening, including wrapping my car around a roadsign - all okay - but hopefully life will get a bit calmer from now on. Ha!

Done some interesting experiments on synaesthesia and its prevalence - was part of a different experiment but it has thrown up some interesting results in itself. Ah, the serendipity of science!

For those that don't know, synaesthesia is the experience of one sensation when another sense is stimulated: so when you see a number, you 'see' a colour - for some people it's a permanent occurance, for others its rarely noticed, whilst for most people it sounds a strange phenomena.

There was a good programme on TV recently about this topic, I think it was the BBC's Horizon program. They were suggesting that when non-synaesthetes are asked to match colours and music, they show a similiar pattern to synaesthetes. Hence, we all experience synaesthesia to some degree but some people experience a more exagerrated version
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