Friday, March 24, 2006

Bank account usability

You'd think it would be pretty easy to make a bank account usable.  You put money in, you take money out.  I've just switched to a new bank so I can a decent rate of interest on my money, and I'm in the process of changing all my direct debits and standing orders etc.  That in itself has proved to be a little bit less easy than was promised - several companies have simply ignored the notifications and continued to try and take payments from my old account.  but anyway, that's not what I wanted to moan about.  Every account has an account code, and a sort code (which identifies the branch).  But my new bank used to be a building society, so they have only one sort code.  sort of.  to find my sort code, I have to take the first digit of my account number, and put it on the end of a code they give me.  this is good because my account number is actually longer than the standard 8 digits.  but why make me do this?  why not just give me an 8 digit account number and tell me what my sort code is?  Usability (or lack of it) is everywhere.

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