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Advanced Interaction Group

The Advanced Interaction Group currently has vacancies for graduate research students in the areas identified below. Interested persons should contact either Dr. Russell Beale ( email | homepage) or Bob Hendley (email | homepage) for informal discussions. Application forms are now available.

A limited number of studentships are available for suitable applicants. It is usual for there to be more applicants than studentships, and applicants requiring funding are encouraged to apply early.

Research Areas

Research Environment

The AIG is able to offer an excellent environment to people wishing to undertake research. Comprehensive computing resources (Suns, HPs, Dec Alpha's, SGI, and PCs) are available, utilising the School's general research machines as well as those specifically for the AIG. The AIG runs an active group programme, and graduates are also encouraged to take advantage of the School's seminar series which provides a broader view of computer science.

Active participation in conferences, both within the UK and worldwide, is encouraged. Research work is coupled with a successful monitoring and education programme to ensure the continued personal development of researchers. Opportunities to teach, undertake consultancy and liase with government, industry and commerce are also available.

For additional research-related information:
Russell Beale or Bob Hendley
Advanced Interaction Group
Tel: +44 - (0) 121 - 414 3729

For application forms and other postgraduate study information:
Dr. Peter Hancox
Research Students Admissions Tutor
Tel: +44 - (0) 121 - 414 - 4782

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