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2010/2011 Spring Semester:

New Module! MSc Level. Research Seminar 10 Credits (100%). Advances in Software Engineering: Software Engineering IN and FOR the Cloud

About: The research seminar exposes students to advances in the state-of-art and –practice of software engineering through researching, presenting and discussing the most recent innovations, trends, results, experiences and concerns in the field. It is aimed to give students the opportunity to gain new insights, timely knowledge, and research skills in timely themes of software engineering. The module will include a mix of student-led presentations, orientation and workshop sessions (e.g. discussions, brainstorming, role-play, publication in software engineering and introduction to the peer reviewing process).

Practitioners are very likely to beg, borrow, and steal from software engineering in-the-small to benefit the case of software engineering for the ultra-large-scale as it is the case of the cloud. Though the fundamentals of engineering software in both paradigms exhibit resemblance, software engineering for the cloud require novel approaches, which address the interplay between technical, economics-driven considerations and shifts software engineering towards a utility-based engineering for software as a service, infrastructure as a service, data storage as a service, and/or platform as a service.

The seminar has two interleaving objectives:

(i) We will review recent  advances in software engineering literature, with an emphasis on software architectures, architecting dependable systems, self-adaptive software architectures, economics-driven software engineering, risk management, security software engineering, green software engineering and architecture-level testing to investigate their relevance to the case of cloud;

(ii) We will review recent advances in the software engineering literature for the cloud to appraise the paradigm-shift in engineering software systems as cloud services and to roadmap future research directions in software engineering IN and FOR the cloud.

Selected readings from:

Future of Software Engineering (FOSE) series in affiliation with the International Conference on Software Engineering(ICSE 2000 and 2007) and Foundations of Software Engineering(2010).

Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering.

Proceedings of the International Conference on the Foundation of Software Engineering.

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.

ACM Transactions of Software Engineering and Methodology.

Proceedings of the International Working Conference on Software Architecture(WICSA).

IEEE Transactions on Service Computing.

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing.

Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing System Series (affiliated with ICSE).

Presentation I Schedule(40 min talk +20 minutes discussions).


1. Walter. ID Management in the Cloud.
2. Illyas. Cloud Adoption and Risks.
3. Syed. Domain Specific Languages and Cloud.
4. Samia. Benchmarks and Cloud Service Discovery.
5. Nouf. Testing in the Cloud.

6. Nada. Reputation and Trust in Cloud Architectures.
7. Olfat. SLA Monitoring and Violations in Cloud Architectures

8. Nilofar. Security Software Engineering and Cloud Architectures.

Assessment Criteria:

Attendance and Discussion 10%. Two presentations 20%. (a) 50 minutes orientation seminar on selected readings and (b) 15 minutes presentation on the final report (or by interview). [Presentations: Marking criteria]. Final Report 70%. [Report: Marking criteria]



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