Clungunford. SO 394 787 derivation: Clun Gunward.

Clungunford (Clun Gunward) was a Domesday manor (called “Clone”) and took its name from the previous holder, Gunward. Over the years, the name was corrupted from Gunward into gun-ford, possibly because of the ford which preceded the present bridge. It is discussed in Place Names Part 1 page 93. It was shown by Lal Chitty to lie on the Clun-Clee ridgeway and was the place where it crossed the River Clun. This is shown on the map. The Roman road to Leintwardine does not cross the river near Clungunford.

Visit and Photographs.

It was visited in July 2000. The first picture showed the view along the road looking west, with the bridge across the river Clun. At this point, the Clun-Clee ridgeway and the modern road coincided. The sign on the bridge indicated that it was built in 1935 on the site of an earlier bridge.

The next picture ws taken from the bank of the River Clun and showed the river under the bridge. The most likely site of the ford was in the foreground, where the river Clun was wide and shallow with a hard pebbly bottom. It would have been easy to wade across at this point, although the modern banks were rather steep for wheeled vehicles.

The last picture showed the view looking back towards the church, with the old tree due to be felled because it had become unsafe. I have not returned since July 2000 to check whether or not the tree actually was felled.