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Rustam stolkin, MEng. PhD. Oxon.

Senior Birmingham Fellow



I trained to professional standard as a French Horn player, and was privileged to study under world leading virtuoso, intellectual, craftsman and general polymath Anthony Halstead – in my opinion he was the greatest horn player of the 20th Century, but now is more into conducting and directing from the keyboard. Tony taught me the art of early music, enabling me to perform Mozart concerti on replica 18th Century instruments (no valves for changing the notes like on the modern instrument) which he manufactured by himself along with John Webb. I am trying to dig up some photos from my performance days and will hopefully post here shortly. I can also play piano a little bit, but would not call myself a pianist.



Boxing with 3 times world champion Duke Mckenzie, MBE. Duke is only Brit to win three world titles at three different body weights – recently awarded MBE by the queen. You can see that I hit him so hard (on his pads) that it actually exploded the boxing glove – and with a left-hand punch too! He complains that holding the focus pads for me years ago gave him shoulder problems later… sorry mate.

Next picture shows me after knocking out an elephant with another left hook (just kidding…):

Training at Creation wall – back when I was in shape in 2012. Not bad for an academic…

With the number 1 Thai Kickboxing champion in Bangkok, 2013.

Learning aid climbing (the art of standing on your own gear) with Andy Kirkpatrick (Britain’s most insane climber – the 3mm string was Andy’s idea of psychological preparation), 2012. At that time I weighed over 115-120kg (more than 18 stones/250lbs) – yes I know I am very fat for a climber… Andy is a great teacher – visit his outstanding website to learn how to stay alive on the mountain

Mountaineering on Tryfan East Face with Lin Li in 2012.

Ice climbing in 2010 and 2011

Me (left) starting out on the second pitch – belayed by Dan Halperin (right):

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