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University of Birmingham

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Rustam stolkin, MEng. PhD. Oxon.

Senior Birmingham Fellow



Current projects

[1] H2020 RoMaNS (Robotic Manipulation for Nuclear Sort and Segregation).

[2] Robotic system for retrieval of contaminated waste from hazardous zones. EPSRC project as part of the UK-Korea Civil Nuclear. Collaboration Programme.

[3] 3 years collaboration with KUKA Robotics Company to develop industrial applications of robotic vision research.

[4] Machine-learning of vision-guided bi-manual grasps, for adaptable autonomous manipulation in manufacturing environments. Sponsored by Cranfield-Loughborough EPSRC.

[5] Visual Object Tracking – I have been engaged in a variety of Computer Vision work for many years, with a particular focus on tracking moving targets against difficult background clutter.

[6] Grasping under uncertainty. See video here (from IROS 2013).

[7] Educational outreach work – we recently won a RAEng Ingenious grant in collaboration with Royal Institution of Great Britain to use robotics for outreach with school children. I also collaborate on the US NSF funded SENSE-IT project which teaches STEM through the construction and deployment of student-built environmental sensor systems.

[8] Flexible robotic control via co-operation between an operator and an AI based control system. Sponsored by Dstl, Ministry of Defence.

[9] Visual tracking for trajectory control of un-sensored robots. Sponsored by UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

[10] Robotic decommissioning in alpha-contaminated environments. Sponsored by UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, and EPSRC.

[11] Optical detection of stainless steel container corrosion. Sponsored by UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

[12] Various work on 3D imaging of nuclear storage containers, funded by National Nuclear Lab.

[13] Production of real-time segmented as-built CAD models for the planning and execution of remote and human intervention tasks. 3D Computer Vision for nuclear decommissioning, part of the EPSRC and industry funded DISTINCTIVE nuclear consortium.

Some interesting previous projects include:

[1] GeRT – Generalising Robotic manipulation Tasks . Funded by EU FP7.

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