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University of Birmingham

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Rustam stolkin, MEng. PhD. Oxon.

Senior Birmingham Fellow



Here are some robots that I have built, worked on or collaborated with:

(1) State-of-the-art mobile manipulation robot, currently being built. This robot comprises a 7-axis Schunk robot arm mounted on a rugged caterpillar-tracked mobile platform by Taurob.

(2) First U of Birmingham eye-hand-arm arrangement. I machined the wrist in my living room.

Left - Hand-arm arrangement with overlayed virtual simulator software.Right – close-up of wrist with Force-Torque sensor and camera arrangement.

Video of this robot grasping using Marek Kopicki’s cutting edge grasp-learning algorithm here .

(3) Underactuated compliant humanoid hand, with adaptive variable stiffness mechanism.

(4) Polymorphic (shape-changing) tracked vehicle. This robot was built with my US students Colin Harrier, Matt Hochberger, Kirk Deligiannis. One patent awarded and a second patent pending. iRobot corporation recently refused to sell my lab one of their packbots for research because they said they were nervous about this work – we did it for a few hundred bucks and assembled much of it on a kitchen table. If they still like the work, then we are open to collaboration…( videos of this robot self-levelling and climbing stairs)

(5) Me with DLR Justin robot, during our collaborative FP7 project GeRT .

(6) Robotic finger with integrated force-torque sensor, for push manipulation experiments. The first robotic apparatus I designed after coming to University of Birmingham in 2004.

(7) Underwater robots built by young people at Royal Institution.

(8) Programmed autonomous robots built by young people at Royal Institution.


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