About Me

I am a full-time PhD student from Thailand. My supervisory team consists of Dr. Rami Bahsoon, Prof. Xin Yao and Prof. Rick Kazman. I previously enrolled at University College London in MSc Software Systems Engineering, and Chiang Mai University in BSc Software Engineering (International Program) at College of Art, Media and Technology. My MSc and PhD studies are funded by Royal Thai Government.

Please feel free to navigate through the other sections of the website. As this page is only aimed for a brief explanation of myself, those sections will be developed in detail throughout the time. Thank you very much for visiting this webpage.

Research Interest

Technical Debt

My interest in technical debt includes, but not limited to, technical debt management (i.e. technical debt identification, prioritisation and repayment strategy) particular in software architecture.

Microservice architectures

Currently, I am interested in differences between microservice system and the monolithic system as well as implications from those differences.

Search-based software engineering

Apart from the aforementioned research interests, I am also keen on seeking solutions of software engineering-related problem with the state-of-the-art technology including meta-heuristic algorithms and/or machine learning approaches.



University of Birmingham

PhD Computer Science

University College London

MSc Software Systems Engineering

Chiang Mai University

BSc Software Engineering (International Program)

College of Art, Media and Technology