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UOBWLAN/eduroam Connection instructions for the Palm T|X


  • A Palm OS PDA with WiFi capability. These instructions were developed for a Palm T|X with OS 5.4 Garnet and may or may not work for other Palm PDA's.
  • A working HotSync setup for installing software and wireless settings via your PC
  • You may need to buy and install the T|X Enterprise Security Update from http://www.palm.com/us/software/esu/

On your PC

  • Download UOBWLAN.pdb
  • Optional, You can set your password now, or do it later after uploading the settings to your Palm
    • Start up the Windows WiFi profile wizard supplied with the security update (You should find it in TX_Security_Upgrade\ProfileWizard within the download)
    • Open the UOBWLAN.pdb file with this wizard and enter your username and password. Save the updated file.
  • Double click UOBWLAN.pdb files, or add it to the HotSync manager. You may be asked to confirm that the file will be installed during the next HotSync operation.
  • Connect up your Palm and run a HotSync operation

On your Palm

  • Tap the network icon on your Palm
  • Tap Scan/Setup
  • If UOBWLAN has been detected then select the network on the list, then tap edit>configure. If not use edit>add and type in the relevant SSID manually.
  • Select 'Enterprise' from the Security box (If this option is missing then you do not have the Enterprise Security Update mentioned above).
  • Ensure the Mode is set to 'WPA1/WPA2' and encryption is set to 'Auto' or 'TKIP'.
  • Choose the UOBWLAN profile.
  • If you didn't set your password earlier, you should do it now.
    • Tap 'Edit Profile Settings'
    • Enter your username/password and tap OK (Other profile settings can be edited at this point using the advanced button. The only thing you can't change here is the certificate, this requires the windows profile wizard.)
  • Tap OK and if you are in range try to connect to the network.

If everything worked, you can download the eduroam.pdb file and repeat these steps for the eduroam network if you need it. Just substitute eduroam for UOBWLAN in the instructions and everything should work. You'll need to append @bham.ac.uk onto the end of your regular username.

Note on certificates : The pre-prepared .pdb files already contain the correct root certificate. When I first tried to set up the connection, I used the certificates recommended for PDA's on the IS Wireless Certificates page. These were recognised by the profile wizard, but I couldn't get a connection when using them on the Palm. Therefore, if at some point in the future you need to change the certificate used for UOBWLAN/eduroam you should use the Linux certificate (a .pem file) provided on Aaron Slomans Wireless Page.


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Page last modified : 07 November 2008