Notes to advisees

Prof. Uday S. Reddy


I would generally like to meet every one of my advisees at least once each term. Other than that, you are free to see me whenever you have an issue that you need advice on.

My advising hours are marked on my timetable. My schedule and appointments page is often more uptodate and it also lists my absences and other events of business. I strongly urge you to use my advising hours to see me. When that is not possile, please consult my schedule, pick a time a time that is convenient to you and ask for an appointment. You should always mention a possible time while requesting an appointment outside the advising hours. If you simply ask for an appointment without giving me a time, you will probably not get a response.


When you are about to graduate and need to apply for a job or higher studies, you will probably need a reference letter from your teachers. I will be glad to give a reference to all my advisees, provided you have met me regularly once every term and kept me informed about your activities. It will not do to simply ask me for a reference at your graduation time without having done the homework earlier. You need to plan now for your references in future.

Your prospective employers will want to know our assessment of your technical abilities, social skills, leadership skills and other traits. It is your responsbility to make me aware of your abilities by talking to me on a regular basis.

If you intend to go for higher studies, you will likely need several reference letters.