06-11337 Introduction to Computer Science A

Professor Uday S. Reddy

10 credits in Semester 1

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where should I go for my Friday exercise class?

    See the table. If you don't find your name there, please check with Computer Science reception.

  2. Can I go to any exercise class group?

    No, you have to go to your assigned group.

  3. Do I have to submit the exercises done in exercise class?

    Yes. You should submit them to a demonstrator at the end of each exercise class.

  4. Are the exercises assessed?

    Yes. All the exercises, including in-class exercises and homework exercises, are assessed.

  5. How much are the exercises worth?

    All the continuous assessment is weighted for 20% of the overall mark for the Intro to Computer Science module. Given that we assign an exercise roughly every week, a week's exercises are worth roughly 1%.

  6. What if I miss an exercise class?

    Well, you miss it. We will give you a few bonus exercises by the end of the term. So, if you miss up to 2 exercises in the whole year, you won't pay a penalty for it.

  7. Where do I submit homework exercises?

    In the pigeon holes next to the Computer Science reception. You should submit it in the pigeonhole for your particular group. If you submit it in a wrong pigeonhole, your marks won't be recorded.

  8. How should I submit homework exercises?

    You should fill out a cover sheet (which is found in a pigeon hole next to the reception), and staple it to your homework exercise.

  9. Do I have to fill out the cover seet?

    Yes. Your registration number (the number on your Guild Card) is the most important information on the cover sheet. Without it, your marks cannot be recorded.

  10. Should I write my name on the exercise?

    No, you should never write your name on any coursework submission. This is to protect your own privacy. It is mandated by the Data Protection Act and the School's policy in implementing Data Protection.

  11. Can I submit homeworks late?

    No. Since this is a large class, we cannot accept homeworks late.

  12. What if I am sick and can't submit homework in time?

    You will miss the credit for that exercise. But, you can use the bonus exercises at the end of the term to make up the credit for the missed homework.

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Last update 15th October 2001