LOGSEM Workshop

The researchers from the EU-funded projects Categorical Logic in Computer Science (CLiCS) I and II are holding a meeting dedicated to the theme "Logic and Semantics in Programming" at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham. The meeting is happenning over the weekend 13-16th September 1996 and talks are invited on the broad topics of:

Talks are going to be held on Friday (afternoon), Saturday, Sunday and Monday (morning).

Keynote speakers include Prof John Hughes, Dr Jens Palsberg, Prof E. Robinson, Dr A. Pitts and Prof S. Abramsky. There is a provisional list of participants here. There is a list of abstracts (that we will distribute at the meeting) here. And a very provisional programme here.

Click here for a registration form to be emailed to the local organisers. We are collecting a few travelling tips here. We updated the information about the social side of the meeting using this email message. A map of the University of Birmingham campus can be found here.

Prof. A. Jung and Dr V.C.V. de Paiva
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