SEMQ72 Module Description (20cr, Sem 1 and 2)

Status: Closed
Staff: Valeria de Paiva
This course provides a general introduction to computing. Its aim is to equip students with basic skills of computing, like using a word-processing package or an spreadsheet. Students should be able to understand and to use computer technology at the end of the course.
Module Description
This course is intended for the novice or those who have had very little experience of computing. The series of lectures gives a broad perspective of topics related to computing and its applications. These include an appreciation of the construction and workings of a computer, the possible applications, and the impact of networking and communications on the "information society". These ideas are further reinforced through practical work. Students will learn to use a word-processor, spreadsheets, databases, facilities on the Internet and also some programming.
1 lecture per week, with three hours organised in the Lab.
Assessment: 2 hour written examination and continuous assessment.
Faculty: Science
Co-Requisites: none
Pre-Requisites: none
Max/Min Course Numbers: unspecified
Key Texts
No book covers exactly the material in the course but the following two are recommended.