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10 Apr New release (r1.3701)
25 Mar Bug fixed conference name in GECCO 2015 and GECCO 2016
New release (r1.3680)
18 Mar Add Graff:2016:ROPEC, Graff:2015:NEO, LaCava:2016:EAAI, LaCava:thesis
Bug fixed editors of PPSN-2016
New release (r1.3664)
5 Mar Add another URL for Tackett:1994:thesis
28 Feb Add PolyfinicJAR
27 Feb Add Loughran2017
26 Feb Fix problem with bad out going link for Amir H. Gandomi
19 Feb Bug fixed.
Some out going links with explicit named anchors, such as do not work.
Work around:
Cut text and paste it into your browser by hand.
(Actually today there is also an unrelated problem with
New release (r1.3641)
18 Feb New release (r1.3640)
10 Feb Bugfix url in Phelan:2016:sigevo

New release (r1.3632)

25 Jan New release (r1.3624)
24 Jan Add Kovacic:2017:KomPlasTech, Moskowitz:thesis
14 Jan Add Fitzgerald:2015:ECTArevised, Mrazek:2016:ICCAD, Sanchez-Clemente:2016:ieeeTReliability, Vasicek:2016:FPL, Mrazek:2016:PATMOS, Dobai:2015:TRETS
New release (r1.3617)
2 Jan Remove top_cites.html
New release (r1.3607)
Old news in 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
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