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30 Dec 2015 Added jackson:2004:eurogp2 and DOI to all :2004:eurogp and posters are marked.

Further improvements to top_cites.html

24 Dec 2015 top_cites.html repaired
21 Dec 2015 New release (1.3173)
18 Dec 2015 New release (1.3165)
17 Dec 2015 Added Fitzgerald:2015:FSOW and GP papers from ECTA-2015
8 Dec 2015 New release (1.3153)
5 Dec 2015 Add Chennupati:thesis, Fitzgerald:2015:ECTA, Kovacic:2015:MT, Ladley:2015:JEBO, Gandomi:2015:hbgpa, Alavi:2016:GSF, Lary:2016:GSF, Mirzahosseini:2015:IJGM, Sarveghadi:2016:NCA, Gandomi:2015:IPSE, Bagheri:2015:SAR_QSAR_ER, Fister:2014:IREHM,
22 Nov 2015 New release (1.3133)
17 Nov 2015 Raised future of gp-bibliography.ref on the Genetic Programming discussion list.
Bugfix typos in 19 Sep's blog (again:-(
16 Nov 2015 Following problems with old version of perl (see 19 Sep 2015), rewrote bib2refer.bat to use current version of bibutils (i.e. 5.6). Note format of gp-bibliography.ref has changed. Please let me know if you experience problems using gp-bibliography.ref with Endnote or microsoft word.
New release (1.3119)
12 Nov 2015 top_cites.html repaired
5-9 Nov 2015 Add DOIs for IEEE CIG-2015 and URLs for SAB98, SAB96, EP-95. Add abstracts etc. for Handbook of Evolutionary Computation. Add DOI for ICANNGA97. Add abstracts etc. for FOGA4.
New release (1.3107)
31 Oct 2015 top_cites.html appears to have stopped working.
Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .BN domain.
28 Oct 2015 Remove link in main page to top_cites.html as still initialising
24 Oct 2015 New release (1.3078)
23 Oct 2015 Updated EvolvedToWin
21 Oct 2015 Updated Fitzgerald:2014:cicsyn
20 Oct 2015 Citation service restarted.
Expand entries for CEC-2015 now that the proceedings are in the IEEE digital library.
19 Oct 2015 Updated Paclawski:2015:ijnm
16 Oct 2015 It appears citation service has stopped.
Bugfix so that bibtex HTML pages where either author and editor names are protected with pairs of curly bracket braces {} (and the URL of their home page is known) now have link to their home page. E.g. in legouesWFSQJO2013.html Claire {Le Goues} becomes Claire {Le Goues}
New release (1.3043)
14 Oct 2015 Add PawlakPhD2015
Update URLs for: Heder S Bernardino, Douglas A Augusto, Joao Nisan Correia Guerreiro, Rafael Valente Veiga, Francisco Augusto Lima Manfrini.
New release (1.3041)
12 Oct 2015 Bugfix generation of top_cites.html and return to daily update.
10 Oct 2015 Reduce updates of top_cites.html from daily to monthly. (top_cites is error prone and filling up only slowly.)
5 Oct 2015 Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .PR domain.
New release (1.3030)
2-4 Oct 2015 Add Bernardino:2011:NC, Barbosa:2011:CTR, Manfrini:2014:CEC, Bernardino:2011:ICARIS, Bernardino:2011:CILAMCE, Bernardino:2010:CILAMCE, Bernardino:2009:ICARIS, Bernardino:2012:WCCM, bernardinobarbosa2014, Augustoetal2013, deFreitas:2014:CILAMCE, Russo:2014:CILAMCE, Russo:2014:CILAMCE2, Javed:2015:MTA, Majid:2015:AA.
Updated Kim:2013:PCS,
30 Sep 2015 Add experimental version of top_cites.html
29 Sep 2015 Update times for presentations at CS-DC'15 World e-conference. Add papers from this years Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XIII workshop.
New release (1.3015)
21 Sep 2015 Bugfix typos in 19 Sep's blog
19 Sep 2015 Following an "upgrade" to Centos 7, my local perl was "upgraded" to 5.16.3. Unlike perl v5.8.8, 5.16.3 does not support the $* = 1; feature of perl. It appears some idiot deliberately removed $* = 1; from perl v5.10. Multi-line format is inherent in BibTEX and $* = 1; had been used in the bib2refer.pl scripts donated to the genetic programming bibliography by Peter Martin to convert gp-bibliography.bib to gp-bibliography.ref since 1999 (tools/bib2refer.bat tools/bibtex2refer.pl tools/fixbib.pl).

Yesterday I raised this problem on the Genetic Programming discussion list. JJ Merelo kindly responded and investigated but was hampered by lack of a definition of the refer bibliography citation file format. He suggests using perlbrew to revert to a local copy of perl-5.8.9

Can anyone help us?
Who is using refer citation files? (At one point refer was a route between bibtex and citation tools used with the microsoft "word" processing tool for personal computers.
Is there another file format we should support?

18 Sep 2015 Add Castelli:2015:CINS, Castelli:2015:EB. Add GP papers at Complex Systems Digital Campus E-conference, CS-DC'15.
New release (1.3004)
11 Sep 2015 Add Sharma:2014:JRNAL, Nishiwaki:2015:JRNAL, Kuyucu:2015:Neurocomputing, Yusuf:2014:IES, Yusuf:2015:CEC, Huang:2015:CEC, Huang:2015:CIG
New release (1.2999)
10 Sep 2015 Add Al-Sahaf:2015:CEC, Chen:2015:CEC, daSilva:2015:CEC, Lensen:2015:CEC, Nguyen:2015:CEC, Tran:2015:CEC, Yu:2015:CEC,
Add GP entries for CEC2015.
29 Aug 2015 Ensure all chapters in kinnear:book have an abstract and a MIT CogNET URL.
New release (1.2990)
27 Aug 2015 New release (1.2987)
26 Aug 2015 Bugfix several titles in koza:gp96 and provide MIT cognet URLs for them all
New release (1.2985)
20 Aug 2015 New release (1.2980)
15 Aug 2015 Add chrisgptp2015behavioral, ssbsehadoop.
10 Aug 2015 Add Chennupati:2015:GECCO, Chennupati:2015:GECCOcomp, Chennupati:2015:GECCOcompa, Zhang:2015:GECCOcomp, Tran:2015:GECCO, Al-Sahaf:2015:GECCO, Park:2015:GECCOcomp,
Add GECCO 2015 genetic programming entries.
New release (1.2966)
2-3 Aug 2015 Bugfix Most Active Downloader page.
1 Aug 2015 Bugfix disambiguate Yoshihiko Hasegawa v. Toshihiko Yanase, Christopher James Turner, Spiridon D Likothanassis, Cristiano Carvalho.
New release (1.2950)
30 Jul 2015 Add Temperton:2015:wired, Marshall:2014:SEAL, Yu:2014:SEAL, daSilva:2014:SEAL, Liang:2014:SEAL, Ahmed:evoapps14, Fu:evoapps14,
New release (1.2949)
25 Jul 2015 Added Branke:2015:ieeeTEC, Fu:2016:SC, Nguyen:2015:ieeeTCYB, Fu:2015:SC, Iqbal:2015:SC, Marshall:2015:evoCOP
New release (1.2945)
23 Jul 2015 Change from white background to transparent background in various small embeded images:
8 Jul 2015
7 Jul 2015 Added byrne:epamfdeao:2014, byrne:eaauapds:2014, nicolau:dituagrnm:2014, byrne:aeosiagrn:cec2014, tuite:mendel:2014, fenton:cec2015, yin:agpafdh:cec2015, loughran:cec2015, agapitos:cec2015, nicolau:cec2015, yin:rvfagpa:cec2015, loughran:smc2015
Updated Byrne:2014:IS
Bugfix blog:-(
New release (1.2930)
6 Jul 2015
New release (1.2926)
5 Jul 2015 Add ElyasafDissertation
4 Jul 2015 Add BenbassatDissertation
3 Jul 2015 Add note on more up to date versions to Luke:ECJ
28 Jun 2015 Update Kannappan:2014:GPTP
Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2920)
25 Jun 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
25 Jun 2015 Fix DOI in Harman:2014:Babel
Fix blog.html
24 Jun 2015 Add Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XII (2014) Riolo:2014:GPTP
Fix blog.html
Continue to update broken URLs.
23 Jun 2015 Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .KY domain.
Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2912)
22 Jun 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
11-18 Jun 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
7-10 Jun 2015 Add He:2015:SC, JMLR:v16:dasilva15a
Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2904)
5 Jun 2015 Add URLs for papers at the Genetic Improvement 2015 GECCO workshop.
Continue to update broken URLs.
28 May 2015 Add papers at the Genetic Improvement 2015 GECCO workshop
Revise Swan:2015:gi
New release (1.2858)
25 May 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
24 May 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
14 May 2015 Add mcdermott:evoapps14

Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2850)

13 May 2015 Add Starkel:2015:NT (note Store Steel becomes the first industrial site to be separately listed in the GP Home pages) and wieloch2013semantic.

Continue to update broken URLs.

Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .MO domain.

11 May 2015 Suspend trial experimental citations counts.
6 May 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
5 May 2015 Announce trial experimental citations counts.
4 May 2015 New release (1.2838)
21 Apr 2015 Add correct name Brian Yee Hong Lam
20 Apr 2015 Add Zangeneh-Sirdari:thesis
New release (1.2836)
19 Apr 2015 Add Jha:2015:MMP
16 Apr 2015 Add 2014-AI-Luna, 2014-KAIS-Cano, 2014-IS-Ramirez, 2014-IS-Olmo. Update 014-IEEETC-SD, 2014-NEUROCOM-GPU,
15 Apr 2015 Add Branke:2015:EC
Note Vasicek:2015:EuroGP as best paper.
29 Mar 2015 Add Hu:2014:Alife, the total 10000th GP entry.
Announced on GP discussion list 30 March 2015.
New release (1.2822)
25 Mar 2015 Add Chennupati:2015:evoApplications. Update Chennupati:2015:EuroGP.
20 Mar 2015
Update script used to calculate recent updates (changes_.html) so that it now excludes comments from the number of lines changed.
Continue to update URLs,
19 Mar 2015
New release (1.2808)
18 Mar 2015 Add uk_research_excellence_2014 tag to all papers judged by their universities to be worthy of representing them in the UK REF Research Excellence Framework 2014. The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions. The results of each REF are expected to stand for at least six years. See http://results.ref.ac.uk/Search
Announced on GP discussion list 20 March 2015.

Add Kurniawan:thesis,
Continue to update URLs,

16-17 Mar 2015
Continue to update URLs,
12-15 Mar 2015 top_net.html not updated 7-11 March 2015. Add Chu:2015:RIVF, Le:2014:CISDA
Continue to update URLs,
New release (1.2802)
11 Mar 2015 Update Chennupati:2015:EuroGP
New release (1.2786)
Updated gp-coauthors GP bib coauthors graphs
10 Mar 2015 Add Stallard:BSc, Drake:2014:Kybernetes, Drake:thesis, Hubball:2008:CGF
Continue to update URLs, e.g. for http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~wbl/biblio/gp-coauthors/index.html
5 Mar 2015 Add DOI: to rich:overview and RichWaters88 (URLs ok).
2 Mar 2015 Add EuroGP 2015 and GP papers in EvoStar 2015. Add Patten:2014:agddr.
1 Mar 2015 Add Sekanina:2015:WAPCO
27 Feb 2015 Add DOI for WSC2 1997 GP papers
26 Feb 2015 Bugfix DOI in Dracopoulos:1996:ukpar A couple of DOI report problems today. See if they are transient problems. Add Nguyen_Phan_Bach_Su:thesis Correct URL for kishore:2000:mpc
Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2771)
25 Feb 2015 Add DBLP:journals/corr/CirilloLN14
24 Feb 2015 Add westbury:2003:brmic
21 Feb 2015 Added schulte2014optimization
16 Feb 2015
New release (1.2760)
16 Feb 2015 Add Dracopoulos:1996:ukpar.
Continue to update broken URLs.
16 Feb 2015 Added Turner2014f, Turner2013a. Jabeen:thesis, Jan:thesis. Update for 2014 SYNASC for post proceedings. Fix download.html so that flag is shown for .PS domain.
Continue to update broken URLs.
15 Feb 2015 Add alexander2014boosting, DBLP:conf/bracis/SottoM14, DBLP:conf/cosecivi/Fernandez-AresGMCG14, DBLP:conf/evoW/Garcia-SanchezFMVGG14,
9-14 Feb 2015 Add Lim:thesis, RC24442, Saks:thesis Add Kovacic:2014:MMP, Sammany:2011:Computing, Damper:2001:timr, Lazarus:2001:timr, KOCIAN2014thesis, Rezapoor_Mirsaleh:2015:GPEM,
Add URL for meeden:1998:bgrsrimsn
Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2742)
6 Feb 2015 Announcement that GP is now third most popular in AI section of collection of computer science bibliographies
5 Feb 2015 Add Lehman:thesis
Bring up to date wrt current issue of IEEE transaction on Evolutionary Computation
Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2736)
4 Feb 2015 Add Alexander:2014:shonan
Continue to update broken URLs.
1 Feb 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
27 Jan 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
25 Jan 2015 Add PuWang:thesis
23 Jan 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
22 Jan 2015 Correct URL in Igel:2014:GECCO
Split off 2014
21 Jan 2015 Add/Update Baniasadi:2015:GPEM, Barrero:2015:GPEM, Barros:2015:GPEM, Heywood:2015:GPEM, Bhowan:2014:ieeeTEC, Cao:2014:ieeeEC, Wang:2015:ieeeTEC, Yeh:2015:ieeeTEC
Continue to update broken URLs. Remove/renew remaining evoweb links
New release (1.2731)
14 Jan 2015 Add warning about planned outage 17th-18th January starting 15:00 Saturday Announced on GP list.
11 Jan 2015 Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2727)
9 Jan 2015 Add Lensberg2015103, Brown:thesis
Continue to update broken URLs.
4 Jan 2015 Revise vladislavleva:2008:thesis
Continue to update broken URLs.
New release (1.2725)
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